What I'm up to:  

I've been operating WhiteSpace Labs since 2013, consulting with a range of companies and inventors to help design and execute their early stage product development research. I've assisted individuals and start-ups understand and develop the invention process by testing their ideas both virtually and with physical models.  I've been able to contribute to the success of many projects by sharing my experiences and insights, as well as draw upon the expertise and energy of some very talented engineers, developers and entrepreneurs.



Capabilities and Services

  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • Engineering simulation & Analysis, CFD
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Patent Search and Technology Landscape Analysis
  • Requirements & Specs
  • 3D modeling & Design
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • 3D Printing


From 2007 to 2013 I served as the VP of Technology at Equipois Inc. As the principal designer and system architect and in collaboration with inventor Garrett Brown, I built and led the LA based company's Research and Product Development facility here in Philadelphia. Our team successfully adapted and transferred the Steadicam™ camera stabilization system into the revolutionary zeroG™ Technology. This industrial exoskeletal arm product platform solves many of the pressing ergonomic problems faced by leading Fortune 500 manufacturers by reducing employee injury rates, increasing productivity, and enabling employees to work safely with more comfort and less effort than ever before.

A problem well defined is a problem half solved
— a smart dead guy